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Uses of Whizzinator


This is a product that stimulate the male urination rather than using real urine for the purpose of passing drug testing. This device is mostly purchased by many people for the purpose of passing drug tests since it contains a complete kit which compose of syringe and dried urine, false male genital and script for instruction. This device is one of the expensive system which one can use to pass fake urine sample in case of any drug test since the urine is squeezed from a fake looking dick. This trick is hard to know and the examiner will really believe that you are doing real pee even if he or she might be watching you. It only took little preparation to create the synthetic urine sample since you will be required only to pour your pee into a refillable vinyl pouch that is attached to the artificial dick. Then after this step you will be required to strap the whole contraption using elastic bands and finally wear your clothes as normal.


Synthetic Urine works in a way that you will be required to activate a heating pad which is attached to the refillable vinyl pouch before you are about to take drug test. This activation should be done an hour before since it usually takes one hour before fake urine reach the normal temperature.


Whizzinator Touch is one of the most effective synthetic urine that is available in the market with the improved version of the most famous synthetic urine system. Once you purchase whizzinator from any manufacturer you will be assured that it will delivered on the same day and come with super silent valve which has a realistic feel and look.


There are various whizzinator for sale and one can purchase it from online store and you will be required to place your order in advance for the purpose of discreet packaging. There are different types of whizzinator which vary with the skin color and therefore you will also be required to select your skin tone as you place your order.


There is also new whizzinator for female and this is a kit that contain female urination device. Female whizzinator contains a system that allow one to submit urine through a urination device which passes fake urine to a small heated plastic bladder and finally to fake genitals that help one to replicate the flow and position of passing drug testing.